Stop being everything to everyone.
Discover and share your unique genius.


You’ve completed the worksheets that claim to identify how you're unique.
You’ve done the personality tests and values exercises.
You’ve invested in the people and mentors who advise you what to do, but struggle to implement because you're not clear on what you uniquely do, and who you uniquely serve.
You've asked your spouse, mentors, and friends to help you figure out your "strengths"... 
You always feel like you're "on the verge" of figuring it out.
But you still haven’t nailed it.

You still aren’t crystal clear on who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.
So why do you feel so close to “figuring it out”, and yet it eludes you? 
And, you are holding yourself back 
from "getting out there" until you “figure it out.”
Some of my clients have told me that staying unclear was costing them 
$20K, $50K, even $100K per year in lost time, frustration, and money.

If it is costing even a fraction of that, 
I suspect you are paying more than you like - in time, money, and frustration.

Let's do the math...
How much time and/or income do you lose each month because...

• You don’t “get out there”:                   ___________ time or income lost
• You can't describe your unique value: ___________ time or income lost
• You work with people who drain you: ___________ time or income lost
• You take on projects that drain you:  ___________ time or income lost
You've been trying to get clear on what projects, people, opportunities, specific work suit you perfectly - and you've been "working on getting clear" for a long time....and you're still unclear. 

Before you try to define your ideal people, ideal projects, opportunities, and how to articulate your unique value, you must do this one thing:

Your unique genius comes first. It defines everything else.  

You’re not attracting your ideal people to work with. In some ways, you feel like you know who your ideal people are – by age, gender, and other demographics – but something is still missing because you often feel unclear, and attract non-ideal people that just aren't a fit. 

You want to write – or rewrite – your content - whether that's a bio, a website, or other materials that describe who you are and how you're unique....but you haven’t done it yet because you’re not sure what to say. Every time you sit down to write, you don’t just write. You start thinking those fundamental questions, like ‘what am I trying to say’?

And the real impact of all of this is.....

You're wasting precious time, fiddling over and over again with how you describe yourself, changing up how you introduce yourself, and it still doesn’t feel authentic or concise.

You feel frustrated when something “that should be so obvious” still eludes you, still isn’t clear, and still hasn’t come together. 
There is a way to figure it out and get clear, so you can stop spending your valuable time fiddling with it,
doubting it, changing it, and generally feeling frustrated.

But first, you need to understand one fundamental thing that very few people understand: 

Your true, foundational, unique genius is hiding in the places you are not looking.  
Your core genius is in your quirks, your flaws, your passions,
and the life experiences that have shaped you. 
All of these patterns are right under your nose.

YOU have unique genius,
and you can get clear.

This is a small group program with a no excuses structure, that nails down 
what you uniquely do and who exactly you serve to so you can spend your time doing the work you are uniquely designed to do, and working with the exact people who want your unique genius - and nothing else. 
This 6-step process is a proprietary and revolutionary method that is the only one that gets the job done. 
In Step 1, you will start laying out the clues by answering a set of 15 questions you’ve never answered before, in a way you will never answer again. While answering these questions, you will start to see initial patterns and insights into your own unique genius.

In Step 2, you will stop walking past your genius.  The patterns that have been right under your nose the whole time will start to emerge clearly and powerfully out of your Go DEEP answers.  These patterns are the "raw form" of your Pillars of Genius™.  When you emerge from this step, you will know that your unique genius is there. 

This step is indeed the most challenging of the program, and everyone sweats a bit through this one.  And, because of our process, with your weekly small group session, you *will* find the patterns that have eluded you until now. 
In Step 3, you will transform the Patterns found in Step 2, into your own unique Pillars of Genius™.  The difference between a "pattern" and a Pillar of Genius™ is:  A Pillar of Genius™ meets 3 criteria:  It is who you are at your core (you could defend it in court); It sets you apart from the pack; and, It manifests as a benefit to your ideal people.

After this step, you will have the confidence that comes from being crystal clear on your unique genius.

All of who you are, your quirks, things you thought were strange about you, but couldn’t suppress, your desires, your experiences, your all become shockingly CLEAR.  Once you see your own Pillars of Genius™, you can’t un-see them. This step will challenge you to step up and embrace what is there, but had never been named.
In Step 4, you will learn how to define your Perfect Match People™.  You will learn that the definition of the people you want to work with is a *result* of your Pillars of Genius™.  

You will feel like you can finally define your ideal people based on something *real*. 

As one Pillars of Genius™ participant put it: “My world just got bigger and laser focussed at the same time”.
In Step 5, you will learn how to finally, once and for all, speak in the language of the people you want to attract.  

We know you’ve been banging your head against the wall trying to say, write, and express who you are, what you do, and for who. You’re doubtful you will ever be able to find words to express what you do and for who.  This might be the most shocking step in the whole course, when participants, for the first time ever, get ROCK SOLID on how they express their genius.
In Step 6, you will finally be able to express – authentically, clearly, and concisely – what you do, how you uniquely do it, and who you do it for. You will learn the possibilities for all of your potential next steps..... the natural next steps of weaving your Pillars of Genius™ into your speaking, writing, presentations, and all other areas that represent your uniqueness.

Now the hard work is over.

Once you find your Pillars of Genius™, you will never question or doubt again what you uniquely do, or who exactly you do it for.  

Congratulations, NOW you can Unleash Your Genius™.
Hear from our alumni...
"After finding my Pillars of Genius™, I am unapologetic about who I am, what my purpose is, and how I 
show up in the world

Pillars of Genius™ has you see clearly how you are an asset to your department, university, and discipline. 

You will be clear on who you should and should not be collaborating with, mentoring and supervising.”

Shawnita Sealy-Jefferson, PhD, MPH,
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology College of Public Health
The Ohio State University

This is a very small, focussed, and intimate program - and NOT for everyone  

Programs sell out long before registration deadlines, so do not wait to apply.

We will meet weekly for the duration of the program, to ensure you have intensive support while working through the method to discover and share your unique genius.  
In many online programs, participants can get lost in the crowd, or hang back and be “invisible”. This program is different.  It is designed to be intensely focused on each participant. The Group meets weekly via webcam, for accountability and direct support. 
You can schedule the time that works best for you to watch the videos and complete the assignments.  You can play, rewind, and pause the video to ensure you get what you need, as the downloadable instructions and worksheets walk you step by step through the methodology. 
At strategic times during the program, you'll be invited to join an optional live lab led by Cristi Cooke, for extra support and mastery. 
Learn from examples from our client alumni who started exactly where you are - unclear, unsure - and have seen amazing success with increased clarity and confidence. The examples show different ways you can use your clarity of Pillars of Genius™ in your work.
Often one of the most powerful tools while going through this course is the community of learners. Want to connect with the community? As a client, you are now a member of #TeamGenius and will join our PRIVATE online group - a culture of support and accountability.
Hear from our alumni...
"Finding my Pillars of Genius™ was personally and professionally galvanizing.

I got the clarity I needed to focus my limited time on things that advanced my career, are more personally and professionally rewarding, AND give me my energy back."

Alice Pawley, B.Eng, M.S., PhD,
Associate Professor Engineering
Purdue University

Pillars of Genius™ Program Website
Inspiration and Accountability Run Deep In This Community.
Now are you ready to invest the right amount of time & money to finally nail this?

With the Pillars of Genius™ Program,
you will finally, once and for all, get the clarity you have been looking for.  

Are you finally ready to get crystal clear? 

Creator of the Pillars of Genius™ method.

My mission in life is to help people discover, believe in, and share, their unique contribution to this world.  

I have led hundreds of clients (professors, life coaches, entrepreneurs) throughout the world –North America, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the US and many places in between – through my proprietary Pillars of Genius™ process.

The result is they are finally able to articulate their unique genius and make strategic decisions, based on knowing their Pillars of Genius™
I began this work 12 years ago, after almost 2 decades in marketing, primarily as a senior international marketing consultant to big industry players, I realized one very specific thing – most people really have no idea how to TRULY differentiate themselves. They come up with strategies like “best in class” or “we listen” or “working hard to be your number one choice” or “women entrepreneurs” as a niche. When most people describe themselves the same way, it is not unique to you.

I started relying on my own instincts and the way my mind worked and trusted the data I found from my years of experience, to find another, more clear and effective way to help gifted people get clear on their value.

I developed the Pillars of Genius™ method and started testing and perfecting it with my clients. To this day, this method has helped me and my clients create clarity, confidence and results that no other process had been able to provide.

My Pillars of Genius™ are:

#1. No Filter

#2. Overly Interested In People’s Stories

#3. Extremely Fast And Accurate At
     Finding Patterns

# 4. Obsessively Persistent
Knowing your Pillars of Genius™ allows you to filter opportunities, get crystal clear on 
your unique offer, define your ideal people to work with, and direct your focus.
My mission in life is to show others how to
discover, believe in, and share 
their unique contribution with this world.
This program requires you to be 
100% Committed.

This is not a one-page worksheet.

This is not a series of unending conversations that go in circles  similar to the ones you’ve had with your spouse, colleagues or mentor about “what do you think my strengths are..?”.

You will Attend The Support Calls.

You will Do the Assignments as Designed (do not take shortcuts)

You will Trust and Follow the Process. 

And I promise you, If you do the work, you WILL get clear.

How much time do I need to dedicate each week?
On average, participants will need about 3-5 hours per week. We just want to be straight up – this is not an easy-breezy course you can complete in a few hours.  If you want to get this done, once and for all, it requires putting your shoulder into it. 
Can I get access to all the modules at the beginning?
No, and believe me, you wouldn’t want to. It’s awesome to be a keener, but slow, steady and focussed is the name of the game in this course. Each week has a specific purpose, and is designed to create a rock-solid foundation for the next module. Doing the program the way it is designed is your fastest path to succeeding.
I’ve tried so many times to find my “unique genius”, and I still don’t feel clear.
     How do I know this program works? 
This is the only program that dives deeply to discover the patterns that are hiding in plain sight.  Other processes don't go deep enough.  They promise clarity by filling out a one-page worksheet, or doing a test where you are slotted into a quadrant or a category.  But then what? How do you define your ideal people from that?  You can't.  At least not rock-solid accurately, you can't.  

Once you find your unique Pillars of Genius™, you could stand up in court and defend them, because combined together, your Pillars of Genius™ are who you are at your core, and they will never change. You could change careers 10 times, and your Pillars of Genius™ will remain the same. I could try to talk you out of it, try to push you off your Pillar of Genius™ and I wouldn’t be able to do it.

And yes, it's hard work. But once you do this work, you are done. 
And it just keeps getting sweeter...
BONUS - Optional Live Labs with Cristi Cooke (Value:  $997)
Have the option of attending Live Labs led by Cristi Cooke during the program,
for added support and mastery.
Here’s the complete package of the
Isn't it worth it to 
finally, once and for all, get clear on what you uniquely do, 
and who exactly you do it for?

I thought so.
This is a very small group, intimate program.  

Hear from our alumni...
"Pillars of Genius™ helped me figure out and articulate my genius and gave me methods for prioritizing potential projects.  

I got clear on my real priorities versus my fear-based priorities.  

Now I see how everything I have already done in my life has perfectly prepared me for where I want to go."

Evangeline Heiliger, PhD,
Visiting Assistant Professor, Gender Sexuality & Feminist Studies
Oberlin College

This is a very small group, intimate program. 
 Space is limited. 

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You have unique genius that’s waiting to be unleashed... 

...waiting to be experienced, appreciated and celebrated by the world.

But you can’t see the picture when you are inside the frame.

You need a process that will show you what is right under your nose. 

That is this process.  The Pillars of Genius™ method. 

Join me now to experience this powerful life-changing journey to clarity.

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